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Before Operational Stress (BOS)

The Wounded Warriors Canada BOS (Before Operational Stress) program has been carefully designed to provide public safety personnel with theoretical, practical and experiential learning to enhance their resilience and mental health. Developed by Dr. Megan McElheran, BOS is a unique program that brings together cutting-edge clinical approaches with recognized scientific expertise to support psychological health and wellness of public safety personnel over the course of their operational careers.

Through our interactions with public safety personnel, we have heard, repeatedly, the need for additional support to assist in their efforts to create trauma-informed workplaces. The Wounded Warriors Canada Before Operational Stress program will equip our public safety professionals with important education and information to help protect themselves from the effects of operational stress. In the end, it doesn’t matter where, when or how operational stress injuries occur. What matters is that our public safety members know that we are in this together – working to ensure they receive the support they so rightly deserve.


Different from classroom based instruction, BOS is a 16-hour program divided into eight modules, all delivered in a group setting of up to 10 participants.

An additional unique feature of BOS is that following the delivery the 16-hour program, scheduled monthly follow-ups will occur to enhance consolidation of the learning and experience of the program.

The ideal dosage of BOS is over eight consecutive weeks which allows participants opportunities between group sessions to incorporate the learning from week to week. This can, however, be modified to meet the unique organizational demands of public service agencies.



1) Who delivers the BOS program?

BOS is delivered by one or two certified mental health care professionals, depending on class size.

2) Where/when is the program delivered?

BOS is delivered at the convenience of the participants either at a WGM office or at a location chosen by the individual group. Times will be customized to facilitate specific group size.

3) Is BOS intended to be proactive, in that only those not currently suffering from an OSI should participate?

The BOS program is designed for any individual who has been or is likely to be exposed to Operational Stress and potentially traumatic events.  BOS is not appropriate for individuals currently experiencing acute OSI symptoms, but rather recommended for individuals who are in the post treatment stage of an OSI.

4) How does this align with or differ from other resilience programs currently offered?

Align: BOS is a fantastic addition to peer support delivered programs within the public safety personnel sector. The program expands upon the educational components of these other programs.


  • The BOS program is delivered in a group setting by licensed, experienced clinical psychologists. BOS mixes both educational and experiential training and knowledge of the circumstances surrounding OSI’s that can/have/might occur for the specific group being presented. Although the program deliveries are similar in nature; there are subtle differences based on specific jobs (fire fighters, police, paramedics, military, correctional officers, etc.)
  • BOS program evaluation is done by an independent research group at the University of Regina headed by Dr. Nick Carleton. This evidence-based evaluation is designed to measure delivery metrics, outcomes and long-term continuity of care for participants.


Calgary, AB

Jennifer Allan
Dr. Lawrence Deck
Dr. Megan McElheran
Shauna Pupp
Dr. Jennifer Short

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Lucia Antonucci
Dr. Kim Buchanan
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Dr. Lisa Berg-Kolody

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Dr. Chelsea Delparte
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Dr. Laura Nichols