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VANCOUVER – The Vancouver Police Department (VPD) has completed the Wounded Warriors Canada Trauma Resiliency Training (TRT), becoming the first major city in Canada to invest in this leading-edge program. 

First Responders are trauma-exposed professionals who, by the necessity of their profession, are witness to ongoing, repeated, and serial exposures to traumatic events. Despite having extensive and intensely focused training in many facets of the job, one area that First Responders do not tend to receive adequate training in is in recognizing, managing, and addressing the common and predictable effects of exposure to traumatic events. 

Trauma Resiliency Training has been clinically designed to provide the most recent and relevant trauma education; opportunities to learn, practice and hone trauma-management skills; and provides trauma-informed social support for all members and employees working within trauma-exposed organizations such as policing.

Vancouver Police Department recently had 18 members complete the required three days of clinical training whereby participants learned the fundamentals of the program and practiced the delivery of the TRT curriculum while receiving micro-skills coaching on presentation skills and how to deliver the information clearly, consistently and coherently. Moving forward, the certified Vancouver Police trainers will begin to deliver the program to VPD members with the goal of making trauma-exposure management the new professional standard across the organization by teaching, training and supporting members to better manage  any potential responses related to exposure to traumatic events.

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