National Mental Health Service Provider



First Responders are highly trained and skilled professionals who, due to the nature of their work, often face challenging situations that test their physical or mental health and safety. Wounded Warriors Canada’s innovative approach to mental health combines clinical best practices and evidence-informed care to create an environment of compassion, hope and resiliency for participants.

No one Service, Association or government agency will ever be the 100% solution when it comes to the health and wellness of its members. Partnerships are vital. We have established formal working relationships with over 50 organizations across Canada in an effort to add our mental health programs as an additional layer of Operational Stress Injury support for their membership.

“The programs offered through Wounded Warriors Canada will provide our staff with additional options for finding the quickest path to wellness,” said

Deputy Chief Tony Bavota, Toronto Fire Services.

“It’s extremely important that we do all we can to support the psychological health and safety of our staff, who often work in high-stress environments. I look forward to strengthening the support system we already have in place by formalizing our partnership with Wounded Warriors Canada,”

Paramedic Chief Peter Dundas

“Our first priority is the safety of our volunteers, and that includes caring for their mental health. Our partnership with Wounded Warriors Canada will provide our members and their families with an additional network of outstanding  support.”

Pat Quealey, Chief Executive Officer of RCMSAR.