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Trauma Resiliency Program

The WWC Trauma Resiliency (TRP) program is a clinically facilitated program that helps Veterans and First Responders acquire the necessary tools to overcome the natural and understandable effects of traumatic exposure based on a clear understanding of the physical and social effects of traumatic injury. TRP focuses on the value of hard work and the importance of peer recognition in transforming wounds into scars and scars into a road-map for resiliency.


Trauma Resiliency Program 1

TRP1 introduces participants to the foundations of recovering from OSI traumas, which include: 1) relevant and understandable information, 2) repeated skills training and practice, and 3) the importance of connection to peers who understand. Participants learn, practice, and repeat all of the TRP skills with coaching from trained professionals in a group-based, team setting.

Trauma Resiliency Program 2

TRP2 builds on the knowledge, skills, and practice of TRP1, providing participants with the opportunity to use what they have learned to begin work on specific OSI traumas in a structured, professionally facilitated group-based setting. In TRP2, the knowledge and skills from TRP1 are put to work in real-time for each participant.

“I connected with new people and we will continue to support each other, I can’t wait for the next program.”

Trauma Resiliency Program Graduate