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Trauma Resiliency Program

The WWC Trauma Resiliency (TRP) program is a clinically facilitated program that helps Veterans and First Responders acquire the necessary tools to overcome the natural and understandable effects of traumatic exposure based on a clear understanding of the physical and social effects of traumatic injury. TRP focuses on the value of hard work and the importance of peer recognition in transforming wounds into scars and scars into a road-map for resiliency.

“I connected with new people and we will continue to support each other, I can’t wait for the next program.”

Trauma Resiliency Program Graduate

Trauma Resiliency Program 1

WWC’s TRP1 – Trauma-Based Psychoeducation, Skill-building, and Resourcing

TRP1 is a 3-day residential, group counselling intervention for individuals who are dealing with the negative effects of post trauma symptoms, resulting from their work as Trauma Exposed Professionals (TExP’s). Trauma-based curriculum, combined with skills practice, resource assessment and development, and group connections to combat isolation form the foundation of TRP1 for all participants. Whether individuals are beginning their recovery, in the middle of their recovery, or looking to boost to their individual work, TRP1 will provide a supportive group counselling environment to learn information, as well as hone, develop, and/or solidify the skills needed for recovery.

While not required, participants who successfully complete TRP1, have the opportunity to engage in more focused trauma recovery work in TRP2.

Trauma Resiliency Program 2

WWC’s TRP2 – Structured, Focused, Trauma Treatment

Individuals who complete TRP1, have the opportunity to participate in TRP2: a 4-day, residential, group counselling intervention, designed to help individuals who are dealing with the negative effects of post trauma symptoms identify, specify, and engage in focused trauma treatment in a supportive group environment. Using the skills, information, and resourcing learned and practiced during and following TRP1, participants in TRP2 engage in a structured group-based narrative process, over four days, to decrease the impact and make sense of a specific traumatic event or cluster of related traumatic events that are causing distress. The goal is to not only do the work, but learn a method for continuing the work following the completion of the program.

Individuals must complete TRP1 to eligible for participation in TRP2, but please note that completion of TRP1 does not guarantee individuals will be considered suitable for TRP2.



Dr. Black has been working as a trauma and group counselling specialist, educator, clinician, researcher, and program developer for over 20 years. As a tenured Associate Professor of Counselling Psychology in one of the top counselling psychology graduate programs in Canada, Tim has taught, published, and conducted research focused on Trauma Exposed Professionals. Over the course of his academic career, he has also worked as a community-engaged researcher/practitioner beyond the halls of the university with Veteran and First Responder communities, local and national organizations, and most recently, with Wounded Warriors Canada where he has been serving in the role of National Clinical Co-Advisor.



Alex Sterling MA, RCC holds a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology from the University of Victoria and she recognizes that people are highly interconnected, both internally (body, mind, emotions and spirit) and externally (to our families, history, culture, and systems). Alex has worked extensively in promoting trauma informed work environments and is a senior facilitator for the Wounded Warriors Canada COPE Program.​


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