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Surviving Spouses’ Program

The Surviving Spouses’ Program is designed to support spouses who have lost their partner in the line of duty or as a result of death by suicide.

The Surviving Spouses’ Program (SSP) is a five day, clinically-facilitated group program that draws on leading grief and trauma research. It provides opportunity for survivors to explore their traumatic loss and to make meaning of their life without their spouse. This program helps participants recognize the function of emotions and offers evidenced-based opportunities to understand and process traumatic grief and sanctuary trauma.

The SSP assists survivors in exploring the wounds resulting from traumatic loss and guides them to integrate and make meaning of their relationship with their spouse. It teaches and strengthens regulation and resourcing skills. The group-based delivery builds participant capacity to provide the clinically-indicated giving and receiving of support with therapeutic assistance and feedback; thus, reducing isolation and facilitating connection with others who have lived through traumatic loss. The SSP culminates with participants identifying and claiming future-focused needs and goals promoting renewal and hope. All participants receive a 2-week post-program clinician follow-up to support the integration of new skills.


  • Five day residential delivery
  • Each participant receives a clinical intake screening prior to attending the program.
  • Clinical Follow Up
Trauma Resiliency Program