Tribute to Your Service Events

Our Tribute to Your Service events allow communities from across the country to open their arms and welcome our serving and retired Canadian Armed Forces members, First Responders and guests at events geared towards group camaraderie, information sharing, relaxation and family healing.

As part of the mandate of Wounded Warriors Canada to identify and fill gaps in service provision, it is evident that insufficient program support is provided to the family members that stand beside and behind our Canadian Armed Forces members, Veterans and first responders each and every day. These events are aimed to help address this important gap and to allow our communities to show their respect to our those families.

We were pleased to have hosted the first two of a very well received Tribute to Your Service Program in Whistler, BC in May, 2017 and St. Andrews-by-the-Sea, NB in July, 2017. Plans for 2018 include Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario.

Registration is now open for residents of Newfoundland for our 2017 Tribute to Your Service (Nfld) Program to be held 15-18 September 2017 at the beautiful Ocean View Hotel, Gros Morne, Nfld. Contact our Newfoundland and Labrador Co-ordinator John Heffernan for further information.

For information related to the 2017 events and all our programs, please contact WWC National Program Director :

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Honour the Fallen, Help the Living