PTSD Service Dog Program

Since 2012, Wounded Warriors Canada (WWC) has made significant investments, as a leading funder of PTSD Service Dogs. The preliminary results of the Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) funded efficacy study has reinforced and provided early clinical evidence which we know to be imperially true: Properly trained PTSD Service Dogs can and do change and save lives.

The Need

The positive impact PTSD Service Dogs have on the lives of an ill and injured member and his or her family is profound. As you can imagine, this news travels fast. We have now reached a point in Canada where the demand has outstripped the funding capacity requisite to train and pair service dogs with ill and injured Veterans and First Responders.

The Way Forward – the WWC PTSD Service Dog Program

Wounded Warriors Canada was proud to launch the WWC PTSD Service Dog program in February, 2018. Under this new program, WWC has set a criteria trainers must meet in order to train and pair a Wounded Warriors Canada PTSD Service Dog.

This plan is already garnering significant results as donors and major funding partners such as the Ontario Command of the Royal Canadian Legion is empowering us to directly reduce the waitlists.

The WWC Service Dog Program contains four critical elements:


The establishment of consistent National Standards for all WWC Service Dog Providers irrespective of location.

Click HERE to view the standards


The identification of WWC Certified Service Dog Providers (Listed below) from coast to coast that meet or exceed the published standards and a willingness to work cooperatively with other WWC Certified Service Dog Providers.

Click HERE to learn how to be become a WWC Service Dog Provider


The implementation of clinically informed Mandatory Service Dog Prescriber Guidelines in all cases.

Click HERE to download the Prescriber Guidelines.


A Clear Regionally Based National Application Process.

All applications must be accompanied by a completed Service Dog Prescriber Form.

Form is contained in the Guidelines which can be downloaded by clicking HERE

All intake including the management of wait lists are conducted by the Certified WWC Service Dog Provider in your Region. Contact Service Provider(s) in your region listed below.

The WWC Service Dog Program does not provide funding to train your own Dog!

A Place of Confidence

In the past, Wounded Warriors Canada’s significant investment in Service Dogs was difficult to identify. Building on the foundation of the four critical elements listed above, all WWC investments in Service Dogs will be seen in distinctive Red Service Dog. The vests, bearing the Wounded Warriors Canada Supported Service Dog patch, identify the WWC Certified Service Dog Provider responsible for training and pairing.

This will result in donors, the general public and more importantly Veterans, First Responders and their families having confidence that Dogs in these distinctive vests meet only the highest standards.

The WWC Service Dog Program does not provide funding to train your own Dog!

Our Partners

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