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Wounded Warriors Canada is proud announce a partnership with First Nations Paramedic Services, a significant milestone in the history of the First Nations Paramedic Service and Wounded Warriors Canada.

Proudly serving the Kanesatake Mohawk Territory and surrounding communities of Saint-Placide, First Nations Paramedics are highly trained professionals who are confronted with traumatic situations on the frontline that can be difficult to process. By working collaboratively, this partnership will provide leading edge trauma informed workplace training and counselling services to the First Nations paramedics and their families.

“As we celebrate this landmark partnership between First Nations Paramedic Service and Wounded Warriors Canada, it is a moment to reflect on the profound impact of our work. Our paramedics, serving the Kanesatake Mohawk Territory and neighboring communities, encounter challenges that go beyond the physical. This collaboration not only acknowledges the unique mental health needs arising from their dedicated service but also paves the way for a more supportive and understanding environment. We’re setting a precedent in Canada for trauma-informed care that respects and addresses the distinctive experiences of Indigenous First Responders and their families. This is a step forward in honoring their bravery and resilience, and in fostering a community of healing and strength.”

Robert Bonspiel. Ohén:ton Ié:rate, Président-Directeur Général.

For Wounded Warriors Canada, this partnership represents the first with an Indigenous First Responder agency in Canada and the first with a First Responder service in the province of Quebec.

“We recognize the unique mental health challenges facing our First Responders working within First Nations communities. We also recognize the common stressors and traumatic incidents First Responders face every day – no matter the province or community they’re working in. This reality requires that frontline members and their families have access to occupationally aware, trauma-informed training and counselling services that can support them the right way at the right time. This is a proud day in the history of Wounded Warriors Canada and we look forward to working with First Nations Paramedics team in the months and years to come.”

– Scott Maxwell, Executive Director, Wounded Warriors Canada.


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