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Ruck for Remembrance

The Rucksack March for Remembrance was established to bring people from the community together with one mission in mind. This mission is to raise awareness and funding for the many Canadian militaries and first responder families who are in the midst of their own service-related battles.

Every year, we lose too many dedicated soldiers, officers, firefighters and paramedics to illness, injury and suicide. The struggle continues to impact families and communities nationwide, and we wanted to do our part to serve those who need our help the most.

As veterans and first responders, we created an event that would bring people from all walks of life together in support of Wounded Warriors Canada.

Events this fall begin with Kris Barclay’s ruckmarch4remembrance.  This ruck will be in  Whitby, Ontario at Wounded Warriors Canada’s, Park of Reflection, on September 19th 2020.

November 7, 2020 will see events in Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Bowmanville, Montreal, and Yarmouth.

For more information, email: Ian Hall