Is WWC booking my flight?

No: you are responsible for arranging your own transportation to Meet & Greet hotel in Dieppe.

Do I have to book my own accommodations?

Your accommodations (double occupancy) on May 30 through to June 7 will be booked for you by Magic Places (Tour Provider) and are included as part of your minimum fundraising amount. The complete list of hotels will be sent to you by the tour provider.

What services are provided as part of my ride package?

You will be very well supported along our journey. Some of the services that are included as part of the tour are:

  • Coach transport to Charles de Gaulle airport on June 7th
    **Do not book return flights before 1 pm on June 7th**
  • Hotel accommodations from May 30th to June 7th
  • Breakfasts each morning
  • Lunch each riding day
  • Mechanical support for both rental and owned bikes
  • Vehicle support for riders missing a stage for physical or mechanical issues.
  • Post ride nutrition
  • Complimentary team Tour jersey
  • Complimentary team dinner on June 6th
What is a normal day like?

In short: FUN!!
Wake up around 6:30, Breakfast at 7. Pre-ride brief at 8, on the road by 9am. Ride till about noon, including a stop of interest en route, and stop for lunch for about an hour. Back on your bike for another 2-3 hours (including stops) and arrive at the destination hotel in the afternoon. Grab some of the provided post-ride nutrition and check into your room. Shower, relax, and get ready for dinner. Dinner on your own schedule (except for the gala dinner on the last day).

What happens at the end of the tour?

On June 6th, you will arrive to our hotel; check in; collect your bike box (for those that bring their own bikes) or return your rental bike. Bikes will be packed into your bike boxes for transport the next day.