National Mental Health Service Provider

Dr. Milena Spasojevic

Clinical Advisor

Dr. Milena Spasojevic is a Clinical Psychologist and Director of Clinical Operations, Eastern Canada, with WGM Psychological Services. Dr. Spasojevic completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology with minors in Biology and African-American Studies at the University of Minnesota. She holds a masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and completed her masters internship in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she worked with adults coping with severe mental illness and substance dependency. She completed her doctoral training at The Wright Institute in Berkeley, California, and her doctoral internship at Morrison Child and Family Services in Portland, Oregon.

Dr. Spasojevic has extensive clinical experience working with culturally diverse individuals and families coping with severe emotional and behavioural problems stemming from trauma, poverty, substance dependency, foster care, child welfare involvement, blending families, and immigration, among other life stressors. Her treatment approach is highly relational and she works to facilitate self-awareness and change with individuals and families through empathy, trust, and compassion. Her focus at WGM includes providing treatment to individuals, couples, and families, many of whom are public safety personnel coping with and recovering from traumatic events.

Dr. Spasojevic has served as Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary in the School and Applied Child Psychology department where she has taught at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Dr. Spasojevic has taught courses on assessment theory and practice, and child and adolescent treatment. During her final term teaching, she was nominated for a Teaching Excellence Award via the University of Calgary Students’ Union Teaching Excellence Committee for her work in creating and teaching an undergraduate honours course on cross-cultural psychology. Finally, Dr. Spasojevic has been involved in conducting research on “Sexual exploitation prevention education for Indigenous girls,” a project led by Dustin Louie, Ph.D. and funded by the Alberta Human Rights Commission.