National Mental Health Service Provider

Major-General (Ret.) David Fraser

WWC Ambassador, Greater Toronto Area (Toronto), Ontario

Major-General (Ret.) David Fraser is one of Canada’s most accomplished leaders in both the public and private sectors. He is the President of Aegis Corporation and sits on several boards.

David Fraser served for over 31 years with the Canadian Forces. Joining the Second Battalion PPCLI, his career is highlighted by numerous operational tours around the world. He has served in command at every rank from lieutenant to major-general on operations commanding Canadian and multi-national troops. For his leadership he is one of the most decorated officers Canada has produced. He has been recognized for his leadership by the United States twice (Legion of Merit and Bronze Star), NATO, the Netherlands, Poland, the Atlantic Council and CDA as the Vimy recipient. He is the recipient of the Commander of Military Merit, the Meritorious Service Cross, and Meritorious Service Medal from Canada. David Fraser was the first Canadian general to have under command United States troops while he served as Commander Regional Command South under the United States Coalition. He led the transition from the US Operation Enduring Freedom to the NATO ISAF coalition. Canada was entrusted as lead nation for this operation and received many international accolades for its results attesting to MGen Fraser’s skill, diplomacy and experience. Upon return from Afghanistan, David was Commandant of the Canadian Forces College. The College is the Canadian Forces and Government of Canada’s premier masters accredited institute of higher learning for all middle and executive CF officers and now selected government officials. During his tenure, David instituted the international distance learning program for middle management (JSCP DL); the National Security Studies for CF and selected government and private sector executive leaders; and enhancing Non Commission Member education towards their officer brethren. He has commanded the 1st Canadian Division Headquarters and LFDTS (responsible for all Army doctrine and training). During his tenure as Commander of LFDTS, he was instrumental in developing innovative training necessary for the new security environment. Taking his vast operational and staff experience, he conducted contingency planning and operations for Canada including the evacuation of Canadians during the Libyan crisis.

Upon leaving the Canadian Forces, David joined the private sector and along with his partners, raised funds for the creation of Blue Goose Pure Foods. In the span of 18 months, he along with his partners had amazed close to a million acres in Canada producing certified organic beef, chicken and fish and selling these products across Canada. Since then, he has taken his leadership and business skills to other companies achieving similar effects. Most recently, he was the COO for INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing until June 2016. Today, David works with BMO on their Canadian Defence Community Banking Program.

He is a graduate of the Canadian Forces Command and Staff College in Toronto, holds a Master’s of Management and Policy and is a graduate of the United States Capstone Program (Executive School for generals). His honors and awards including the Commander of Military Merit, the Canadian Meritorious Service Cross, the Meritorious Service Medal, the United States Legion of Honor and Bronze Star (for service in Afghanistan), and awards from the Netherlands, Poland, and NATO. He is the recipient of the Vimy award for contributions to leadership and international affairs and the Atlantic Council Award for international leadership. Today, he sits on several boards, is a mentor at the Ivey Business School.