Mississauga – Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services and the Mississauga Fire Fighters Association are proud to announce a new partnership agreement with Wounded Warriors Canada. This partnership will add an additional layer of mental health support for the members of Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services, both active and retired. Wounded Warriors Canada will work directly with Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services to offer their innovative mental health programs and services to members and their families in need of additional support.

“Having Wounded Warriors of Canada as part of our core team strengthens the mental health support we can offer our emergency service workers,” said Tim Beckett, Fire Chief, Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services. “Mental Health continues to be a significant concern for first responders and support staff. Having this program in place gives this group access to additional tools as we continue to pro actively research potential prevention methods while also offering reliable assistance options to those impacted.”

Scott Maxwell, Executive Director of Wounded Warriors Canada, commented that “Today’s announcement is an important statement that no one service, association, government agency, or organization will ever be the 100 per cent solution for their members in need of mental health support. When a member is struggling, it doesn’t matter where, when or how the injury occurred. What matters is that our First Responders and their family members know that we are in this together – working to ensure they receive the help they so rightly deserve.” “The Mississauga Fire Fighters Association is pleased to partner with Wounded Warriors to further expand on our mental health safety net by providing us much needed support and increased awareness through their extensive experience,” 

Chris Varcoe, Mississauga Fire Fighters Association President, commented. “Wounded Warriors is an admirable organization that has helped hundreds and thousands of people face some of their most difficult battles, their selfless determination and commitment to helping is consistent with the ideals of professional firefighters and is why we are proud to work with them.”

Honour the Fallen, Help the Living

Honour the Fallen, Help the Living


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