National Mental Health Service Provider


We’re pleased to announce a partnership with Victoria Polic Department. The programs and services Wounded Warriors Canada offers will provide one more layer of mental health service and support for the police personnel who serve the Victoria community as well as their families.

“This exciting partnership between Wounded Warriors Canada and VicPD will enhance our ability to support the men and women of the Victoria Police Department and their families,” VicPD Chief Constable Del Manak said. “As a national organization, with partners across the country and deep expertise, we very much welcome this new partnership with Wound Warriors Canada.”

Scott Maxwell, Executive Director of Wounded Warriors Canada, commented that “Our partnership agreements are focused on breaking down barriers to accessing mental health care. We know that no single organization can do it all when it comes to the complexity of operational stress injuries, such as PTSD,” says Scott Maxwell, Executive Director of Wounded Warriors Canada. “When a First responder and their family is struggling, what matters is that they receive the help they need and deserve. We are proud to partner with Victoria Police Department and look forward to providing support their members and their families in their time of need.”