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There is increased awareness of the secondary impact trauma has on children, especially those with a parent diagnosed with Operational Stress Injuries (such as PTSD) from service related experiences. While several treatment programs have been designed for caregivers, limited programs exist that support children/youth through the stressors connected to parental Operational Stress Injuries.
There is strong evidence suggesting that programs offering resilience based strategies can be an important protective factor for children living with a parent who has a mental health injury or injuries.

The WWC Warrior Kids program’s clinical framework pulls from resilience theory, trauma-informed practices, and child-centred play therapy and is designed to capture effective evaluation measures.

Ultimately, our goal is for kids to build positive relationships with peers, gain knowledge of the injury, and develop new coping skills that will help them grow and thrive.
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Resilience Theory


To nurture resilience in young people, the key ingredients include strengthening social connections, supporting individual talents to build self-esteem, and creating supportive resources that children and families can draw upon during stressful times. This program has a philosophy that believes all children and youth have the ability to overcome adversity, when provided with opportunities and tools for success.

Program Goals

The Warriors Kids program is grounded in the understanding and responsiveness to the impact of trauma and emphasizes physical, psychological, and emotional safety for both providers and survivors.

We aim to empower children to increase their capacity for developing resilience.


 Specific objectives are:

  • a) to support development of healthy peer connections
  • b) normalize their experiences around a parental mental health injury
  • c) provide developmentally appropriate education on OSI’s
  • d) offer a variety of evidence informed play-based activities that kids can learn effective ways to regulate emotions to effectively cope with stress and increase their self-esteem.

All three parts of the Warrior Kids Program (intake, camp, follow-up) will incorporate
core trauma-informed principles within its processes and practices.