National Mental Health Service Provider

Kara Kallenbach

WWC Ambassador, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Kara always wanted to help people who are unable to help themselves. She joined the RCAF in 1984 as an Air Defense Tech and following a fun career and 12 knee surgeries she took an FRP in 1997. She spent the next year working as a reservist with Flight Plan 97 helping to restructure the Canadian Airforce.

Kara has spent the past 19 years volunteering with various MFRCs throughout Canada as her husband still serves in the CAF. Kara currently lives in Winnipeg with her husband and two children.

Kara has an immense history working in causes that help her community. In the past she has worked as a social worker with Veterans Affairs Canada and in Women’s shelters, homeless shelters and with Youth in Care. While there she helped aged out foster children become autonomous in Winnipeg. She also spent 2 years working with Victim services in Cornwall, ON as an on-call counsellor for the Police Service.

In 2012 the military sent husband and Kara to Ramstein AFB where Kara worked for the PSP on base. It was during this time that Kara first became involved with the Wounded Warriors Canada through their annual Battlefield Bike Ride. Kara volunteered during the next Ride making sure the Riders were always fed and looked after. This experience impacted her immensely and challenged her physically in a positive way.

In 2015, Kara found herself on the Island of Lesvos assisting in the Syrian Refugee crisis and handing out clothes and supplies to those fleeing the warzones. Despite all her previous experiences, this proved to be the most impactful and Kara returned multiple times to the refugee camps to help and make a difference.

Having dealt with depression and injuries for almost two decades, Kara is overjoyed to be joining the Wounded Warriors Canada team and hopes to bring the same support to her military brothers and sisters in Winnipeg.