National Mental Health Service Provider

Arron Victory

WWC Ambassador, Ormocto, New Brunswick

Arron was born and raised on Cape Breton Island just outside of Sydney. He left in 2002 after joining the Canadian Armed Forces where he served for 13+ years in an infantry unit spending a large portion of that time in Recce/Sniper platoons including a 6-month combat mission to Afghanistan with Task Force 1-07, as well as a deployment to Haiti in support of OP Halo in 2004.

Arron still maintains strong ties to the Canadian veteran community and was a member of Team Canada at the 2017 Invictus Games where he competed with over 500 other injured military athletes from all over the world. With his direct connection to veterans and their support systems at both the public and private level, Arron looks forward to working with Wounded Warriors Canada to increase the awareness on the ever-present mental health issues that Canada’s veterans and first responders face both during and after service.