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Cambridge, Ontario – December 19, 2022 – Wounded Warriors Canada is proud to announce a partnership with the Cambridge Fire Department (CFD) and Cambridge Professional Fire Fighters’ Association (CPFFA). With this partnership, Wounded Warriors Canada will provide an additional layer of mental health support and resources to Cambridge’s firefighters and their families.

“Partnerships are vital, given the complexity of operational stress injuries. Wounded Warriors Canada provides resource options to our firefighters and their families. The key is to provide timely access to evidence-based mental health care treatment and counselling services in a clinical environment where the individual feels safe and comfortable,” said Fire Chief Brian Arnold. “The Cambridge Fire Department can also augment our training to personnel through Wounded Warriors to make exposure management a new professional standard.”

Wounded Warriors Canada’s Before Operational Stress (BOS) program leads their trauma informed workplace training programs and provides public safety personnel with theoretical, practical, and experiential learning to enhance their resilience and mental health. Firefighters, along with paramedics, police officers, and Correctional Service Officers, are exposed to unimaginable stressors during their duties. The CFD and CPFFA’s partnership with Wounded Warriors Canada is a positive step in providing Cambridge firefighters with improved access to culturally specific mental health services and support.

Our firefighters face highly stressful, challenging and traumatic situations on a regular basis, which can have lasting impacts on firefighters’ mental well-being.  The partnership with Wounded Warriors Canada will be beneficial in assisting our members and their families in times of need” said Steve McArthur, President of the Cambridge Professional Fire Fighters’ Association.  “We are pleased to have these new services available to our members and their families.”

About the Cambridge Fire Department

The City of Cambridge Fire Department’s mission is to “Save Lives, Prevent Injury, and Protect Property. Cambridge Fire has fire has 6 stations throughout the city with Station 1 Headquarters being at 1625 Bishop Street North.  There are approximately 127 firefighters in suppression and 17 staff makes up Fire Prevention, Training, Administration Public Education, Mechanical and Communications.  For more information visit us at or follow on Twitter at CambridgeFD.

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