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Wounded Warriors Canada is proud to announce that Daisy, an Operational Stress Intervention (OSI) Dog, has been paired with Victoria Police Department. Daisy was donated to VicPD thanks to the generous support of donors across Canada and in partnership with VICD – BC & Alberta Guide Dogs who provided the training for Daisy and her handlers.

“The positive outcomes of having an Operational Stress Intervention Dog support organization members are without question. Operational Stress Intervention Dogs create an opportunity for safe and meaningful connections while promoting a trust-filled environment for members to debrief. Dogs like Daisy are making huge impacts on the mental health and well-being of organizations such as the Victoria Police Department. VICD – BC & Alberta Guide Dogs is grateful to be a part of this impactful experience.” Executive Director Mike Annan, VICD Service Dogs, a Division of BC & Alberta Guide Dogs.  

“Police officers are required to respond to critical and potentially traumatic incidents on a daily basis. We know that repeated exposure to traumatic incidents can have long-lasting impacts on the members and, by extension, the organization itself. We also know the importance of being proactive and getting in front of these situations to help members feel safe, supported, and understood. That’s a big part of the role OSI Daisy will play with the Victoria Police Department and we’re extremely proud to help make this pairing possible.” – Executive Director Scott Maxwell, Wounded Warriors Canada 

Partnered with two VicPD employees, Daisy will spend her days supporting VicPD Staff. Daisy is trained to recognize when people are undergoing a stressful or traumatic experience, and she will be there to help relieve some of those feelings and provide comfort to those that need it.  

“Daisy’s presence here at VicPD has already brought many smiles and moments of joy into everyone’s workday. Our staff experience traumatic events throughout each day and having Daisy here to help relieve the burden of the trauma we experience on a daily basis is another step forward in our commitment to the health and wellbeing of our staff. We are thankful for the partnerships we have with Wounded Warriors Canada and VICD – BC & Alberta Guide Dogs; their support with OSI Daisy has been invaluable.” – VicPD Chief Constable Del Manak. 

Daisy will also be available to support some of Victoria’s most vulnerable citizens who have been victims of crime during the interview and investigation process. A fan of people and head pats, Daisy begins her duties today and will be a constant presence in our offices and, occasionally, our communities.           


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