BBR18 Ambassadors

Paul Hale

Paul began his military career as a Reservist in 1970 and transferred to the Regular Force in 1976. He completed 30 years of service with the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry and eight overseas deployments in Cyprus, Angola, South Africa, the Balkans and Afghanistan. He initially deployed to the Former Yugoslavia direct from Angola on 11 February 1992 and served as an unarmed observer in Belgrade, Zagreb and Sarajevo until 8 June 1992. It was outside Sarajevo that he, and a Danish observer, were carjacked on 15 April 1992. It was an interesting day. Paul’s second tour in the Balkans was as Chief of Staff for Op Palladium Roto 13 from 13 September 2003 to 15 April 2004. However, the highlight of his deployments was as an election observer for the first democratic elections in South Africa in the spring of 1994.

Upon retiring from the Regular Force in 2006, Paul transferred back to the Reserves until reaching compulsory retirement age in 2014. He has a total of just under 42 years of military service.

Paul was President of the South West Ontario Branch of the PPCLI Association from 2012 to 2107. He has been a member of the PPCLI Association National Board of Directors since 2011 and assumed the responsibility of National President in June 2017. He was actively involved in the PPCLI 100th Anniversary celebrations and is currently engaged in promoting a Suicide Prevention and Awareness Program for the PPCLI and other military associations.