National Mental Health Service Provider

Trev Bungay

WWC Ambassador, Fredericton, New Brunswick

Trev was born in Twillingate Newfoundland raised east coast fishing village named LaScie. Directly upon graduation from high school Trev commenced studies in Criminology at Academy Canada in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Trev’s long time interest in the Canadian Forces prevailed however, and he opted to focus his attention on this profession of-choice and soon enrolled and relocated to Oromocto, New Brunswick.

Trev served 17 years in the infantry completing an impressive 7 missions in Bosnia, Haiti & Africa, and 4 tours to Afghanistan. Leading groups of 8-10 troops in combat, per mission, and upwards of 40 troops for 6 months, as a mobile force. Trev formally retired from the military in 2014 with PTSD and after countless hardships struggling with the illness he decided to take his health and recovery into his own hands. After a long battle he overcame adversary and found healing in healing, helping fellow soldiers with PTSD and Chronic Pain using medical cannabis and full wellness plans.

Trev is ambitious and extremely focused. His investment in the military, and more specifically working with those suffering from PTSD, has led him to his position as co-founder and Vice President of Trauma Healing Centers Inc – clinics which assist veterans and first responders dealing with PTSD and Chronic Pain. Trev’s role within THC will cater directly to his passion for helping those suffering from PTSD. Trev now on the frontlines in a very different form.

Trev is also an author, publishing his first children’s book called “Where My Daddy Works” and an avid sports enthusiast. He both personally plays, and also volunteers his time coaching local minor hockey, and minor baseball teams for children ages 4-6, including his own 8 yr old son, Aiden. In any remaining free time, Trev also loves to workout, and immensely enjoys travelling.