National Mental Health Service Provider

We have created and innovative approach to mental health care using clinical best practices and evidence informed care to create an environment of compassion, resiliency and hope for our participants.


“It helped me realize it’s not my fault and how I begin to heal.”




Trauma Resiliency Program

“Having PTSD took a lot away, having my service dog gave a lot of that back.”



PTSD Service Dog Program

“It was the best five days of our lives.”



COPE Program

“I’m a better officer now than I was previous to this program”



BOS Program

“The Cope program was absolutely amazing and I recommend to any couple dealing with PTSD.”

Cope Program Graduate

“I felt like the COPE program peered right into my soul.”

Cope Program Graduate

“Words cannot describe the gratitude we have for COPE. It has allowed us to transition in to the NEW US.”

Cope Program Graduate

Honour the Fallen, Help the Living


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