National Mental Health Service Provider

Jessica Brost

WWC Ambassador, Northern Saskatchewan

Jessica Brost was born in Prince Albert, SK.  She grew up a typical Sk kid involved in many outdoor winter and summer activities. Her families love for the outdoors took them on many camping and canoeing trips.  She has lived in several different cities across Saskatchewan due to her mothers’ career with the federal government.  When Jessica was 14 her family of 4 settled in Saskatoon.

Always wanting to help people in a time of crisis she started her EMS career in Nipawin, Sk in 2005 as a Primary Care Paramedic.  She moved to Prince Albert and worked there for three years.  During that time she earned her Advanced Care Paramedic diploma from Siast in Regina, SK.

In 2010 she was offered an Operations Manager position at North East EMS where she worked for the next 8 years.  April 1st of this year, Jessica and her husband, Chris, became the proud new owners of the Nipawin ambulance service.  Jessica and Chris are parents to their young 2 children whom keep them very busy.  Having children has slowed her traveling but plans many active family trips in the future.

Having known about the wonderful work Wounded Warriors Canada does, Jessica got to experience it first hand when she, her co-workers and their spouses participated in a tribute to your service program this summer.  It was a much needed rest and relaxation for her and her co-workers whom were some of  the first responders involved in the Humboldt bus accident.  She is looking forward to her role as Saskatchewan’s Wounded Warriors ambassador and promoting great mental health in her province.