National Mental Health Service Provider

Graham Trude

WWC Ambassador, Barrie and Surrounding Area

Coined “The Singing Soldier”, Graham Trude is an Afghanistan veteran and current serving Police Officer in the Town of Orangeville, Ontario. With deep country roots, Graham has previously achieved international audiences with his theme song entitled “Real Canadian Joe” from the hit TV series on wild TV. Graham’s first release in 2011 was a song called “The Ones We Lost” dedicated to his friend, Trooper Larry Rudd, who passed away while serving in Afghanistan.

Graham’s newest debut album recorded in Nashville features a song, “At My Age” which is a duet written and recorded with multi Juno, CCMA award winning and country hall of fame artist, Brian Good of (The Good Brother’s). As a songwriter, Graham writes from the heart about life experiences and lessons learned reaching his fans with a message of hope and understanding. A live performance that all audiences can relate to leaves a greater message than just music displayed through his melodies and lyrics.

Graham continues to invest time and efforts dedicated in giving back to charities related to operational stress and spreading awareness of the stigma to not suffer in silence.

“The main goal with my music is to help people, I believe life is about people helping people and giving back”.

Graham thoroughly enjoys meeting a diverse audience of individuals and listening to their stories and struggles which inspires him to make a difference.

Inspired by various artists, Graham’s songs bring a taste of Y2K country/folk to modern country. Graham has become a leader and inspiration to his fans and continues to strive as a role model for his fellow servicemen and emergency responders. Currently Graham has signed a record deal with Allied Music Group in California and has entered into a partnership with Wounded Warriors Canada for his newest single “Seen What I’ve Seen”. The song and music video display a realistic and emotional reflection of someone dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). All profits from the song are being donated to help Wounded Warriors Canada charity and the members it serves.