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Couples-Based Equine Therapy

Couples-Based Equine Therapy is a four day program combining clinical, educational and practical experiences to address the challenges of trauma affected relationships.

Couples-Based Equine Therapy participants

The program is broken down into five modules:

  1. Understanding Injury and Recovery
  2. Stabilizing Trauma Affected Relationships
  3. Improving Communication
  4. Mitigating Conflict
  5. Applying New Skills and Traits

Each module combines classroom instruction, practical couple-based communication exercises, equine therapy and a thorough debrief.

Why Horses?

Because horses are hunted by predators, they’re hypervigilant. This means they react quickly to people around them. It is these reactions, expressed by their body language, that offer participants new insights about themselves and their relationships.

Delivery Locations

Spruce Valley Ranch, Alberta

WindReach Farms, Ontario

Sumac Farms, Atlantic Canada




For more information, please contact: Steven Boychyn, CD