VTECS Program: Skills Transition

The Roméo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative (Dallaire Initiative) at Dalhousie is expanding its work with Canadian veterans through the creation of the Veteran Trainers to Eradicate the use of Child Soldiers (VTECS) program. Wounded Warriors Canada is investing $175,000 to sponsor the pilot VTECS program scheduled for 2016.

Based out of the Dallaire Initiative’s institutional home, Dalhousie University, the Wounded Warriors Canada VTECS program will provide skills transition training for veterans. The VTECS program will provide access to an academic environment, credits/accreditation possibilities and potential employment /career opportunities that build on Canadian veterans’ skills, expertise and experience. The VTECS program is specifically designed to prepare Canadian veterans to become force multipliers of the Dallaire Initiative’s work, recognizing the valuable knowledge, experience and insight they possess.

Program Overview

  • Annual program open to all Canadian veterans through an adjudicated competition
  • 2016 Pilot program fully sponsored by Wounded Warriors Canada to support approx. 15 veterans
  • Full scholarships for participants to cover tuition, travel, room and board during the program
  • Includes online study and one (1) month of on campus study and courses
  • Opportunity to support research in related fields of PTSD and issues related to the security sector and children in conflict
  • Successful graduates will be added to the Dallaire Initiative training roster and be employed to support training requests
  • Creates a critical link with Canadian veterans and Canada’s global commitment to promoting peace
  • Four year plan to train additional 100 veterans between 2017-2020 – $1 million funding requirement


  • Pre-requisite Dalhousie University online course on Child Soldiers and Security Forces
  • A minimum of two (2) Dalhousie University elective credit courses
  • Train the Trainer course to prepare veterans to deliver the Dallaire Initiative exclusive training on Security Sector Actors and Child Soldiers.
  • Weekly seminar series providing supplemental, relevant knowledge to broaden the scope of study.

To Apply:

Visit: http://www.childsoldiers.org/vtecs/

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