Cindy Hogg


Trauma Informed Coach, Specialist in Individual, Couples, Relationship and Family Wellness Coach
Individual and Group Mental Health and Well-being, Organizational/Corporate Mindfulness and Coaching Culture Leadership Initiative, Co-Founder of Moving the Human Spirit

Cindy specializes in Individual, Couples and Relationship Wellness, Trauma Informed Coaching and Self Leadership Initiatives within Families, Teams, Organizations and Businesses.

Cindy radiates: flexibility, spontaneity, adventure and when you have the opportunity to meet her – you will understand why! She has a very natural warm and easy ability for connection with people from all walks of life and particularly in various cultures in Canada and around the world. Her passion is national and international travel, engaging with others and exploring ways of connecting our global family as one. Those who have worked with Cindy describe the experience of her deep professional care and love, her elegance and true connection to spirit.

Cindy has many years of exposure and experience in working along with her own family businesses, teams, with various entrepreneurs, various communities, families and individuals from many walks of life. Relationship building, empathy and trust have been an integral part of this successful process. Approaching conversations by being aware of the neuro-science of the inter-relatedness of the mind, body and nervous system, appreciating each person as a valued human being with their own core values and true identity, accessing the story behind the behavior/addiction, making meaning of the past/current reality, using appreciative inquiry and a forward focused approach, using emotional and conversational intelligence methods and continuing to build on this positive approach for each individual/couple/organization – has provided the start of a solid foundation for any relationship – whether within the family, team or organization.

All of this on-going experience, exposure and training – has led her to working with others who are engaged in “Moving The Human Spirit” – with a particular interest in Health and Wellness for all and on every level of human consciousness – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Honour the Fallen, Help the Living