By The Numbers

Our donors and volunteers represent the lifeblood of our charity.

Our donors and volunteers represent the lifeblood of our charity. Wounded Warriors Canada is, and has always been, a privately funded, grassroots organization that receives no public financing. Quite simply, the nearly 2M in life changing and family saving programming we delivered in FY16 (ending March 31st) is only possible thanks to the fundraising efforts and donations from Canadians and Canadian businesses from coast-to-coast. This support has enabled us to become a national charity that is delivering unrivalled mental heath programming in our field.

Responsible fiscal management is not only something we take great pride in – it is rigidly adhered to and governed accordingly. Organizationally, we are built on a lean, volunteer-led, operational structure that enables us to keep our operational costs to a minimum — ensuring the maximum amount of our revenue can be invested into our programs. In FY16 our Administrative costs were 17% of expenditures, totalling $405,242, and our FY16 Fundraising/Public Awareness costs were $83,338 or 3% . While the two represent completely different “costs” for the charity, when consolidated, this translates into $488,580, or 20% of the Management & Administration category used by CRA.

I am pleased to report that in FY16 we delivered 35% YOY fundraising growth and 19% YOY increase in program investments while maintaining our total Administrative and Fundraising/Public Awareness expenditures at the 20% of revenue threshold. These are figures that our donors value of which we are extremely proud of.

On behalf of all us at Wounded Warriors Canada we thank you for your continued support and I look forward to updating you on our FY17 finances in the new year.








Honour the Fallen, Help the Living

Honorer Ceux qui sont Tombés, Tendre la Main aux Blessés