National Mental Health Service Provider

Andy Tiffin

WWC Ambassador, Ottawa – National Capital Region

Drawn to the diving profession early in his on-ship career with the Royal Canadian Navy, Andy Tiffin ultimately remustered to Canadian Clearance Diver, becoming Diving Training Chief, and thriving in a growing Maritime Explosive Ordnance Disposal
(EOD) community.

In 2006 he left the sea for the desert, deploying to Afghanistan to serve as EOD Advisor to NATO with TASK FORCE ARCHER. Andy received the CEFCOM Commendation for his role in establishing the Counter Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Exploitation Task Force.

Andy returned to Afghanistan in 2009, working directly for the Intelligence Community in the Senior EOD Exploitation position for TASK FORCE ATHENA, and again in 2010 for TASK FORCE AFGHANISTAN OP AEGIS. While Andy sustained injuries from a detonation during this tour, he considered himself fortunate to quickly return to military service.

Honoured many times throughout his career, Andy is a Member of the Order of Military Merit, holds a Meritorious Service Medal for leadership in Iraq, and the Governor General’s Commendation for combat operations in Afghanistan. Still, he considers his signature “high four” greeting the true mark of his accomplishments.

Andy was selected as Regimental Sergeant Major of JOINT TASK FORCE IRAQ in 2015, and had the honour of displaying the first Navy hat badge in this position.

Hanging up his fins after 29 years of service with the Navy, Andy retired from his home unit as Coxswain of Fleet Diving Unit Atlantic to focus his service on the broader EOD community in which he finds his passion. Currently he continues his pursuit of advancements in exploitation with the Canadian Intelligence Regiment.

Having served alongside comrades from all branches of the Canadian Armed Forces, Andy holds in highest regard the opportunity to support families of the fallen and Canada’s wounded. He is deeply appreciative to Wounded Warriors Canada for this honour.